Reader Review by Ted Venne

Review for Hadrian’s Rage
Hadrian's Rage Cover

Author – Patricia  Marie Budd

I read the novel in about five days an hour or two at a time.  That is unusual for me as I am quite a slow reader.  I found the novel to be an excellent read that challenges the reader regarding the typical sexual stero-typing.  The book is set in  21 _ _ , and the author brings in many relevant news events / articles from the present time that most would recognize and if they didn’t they have a bibliography to refresh their memories for them.  There are many strong characters from Ms. Budd’s previous novel Hadrian’s Lover that appear in this novel.  She lists these characters very early in the book so you are up-to-date right away.  There are a number of “surprises” that you will encounter as you read the novel.  This book treats LGBTI as the norm.  Straight (strai) individuals are bullied and generally “prayed upon” throughout.  The competing news agencies  are a nice touch (HNN – Hadrian’s News Network – for the “home” team, and HRN – Hadrian’s Real News – for the “visitors”) have completely different agendas.  The author’s background as an english teacher is evident with the Shakespearian quotes and references.  I would certainly recommend this novel to anyone who is looking for a challenge to their concept of the status-quo.  A definite 4 / 5.  Enjoy!

Ted Venne